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oh damnit all...

i shouldnt have gotten my hopes all up and stuff. what is the chance that he'd check his e-mail? lordie...but still i wanna hear from him before monday damnit! i mean, i need his autograph dont i? ugh... i'm just defective... and a tard.

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...and i am too...

mindy came over today and we watched Bring It On. God that movie is soooo ... plastic? but we didnt really watch it, we talked all the way through it. i love that girl, she and i both have so many boy issues.

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man... i love davy...he's the artsy sweet (and cute) one!

heh some unfortunate fool just imed me on yahoo and said, and i quote, "I want chat with u". Without even thinking, i reply "that's nice". hah... i'm such a jackass. bwahahaha!

you dont know me. but trust me, i'm cool.
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