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eat poop!

ha! whooo! i found jon's e-mail! rawk! now the only thing i need is to have him actually read his mail and respond! but finding it was an accomplishment. but i have no idea if he even checks his e-mail but i can fuggin hope! and i i wanna go home and check cuz i cant check here from the school's p.o.s. computers... well, i can but... yeah. i dont wanna get expelled. But it isnt like he would have e-mailed me back between 10:55 P.M. and now...but still. no play practice tonight, so yeah, i'll be running home asap. i'm such a nerd!

Woke up with a really bad fucking headache this morning. i forgot to take my medicine last night. ugh. so yeah i was late but thats okay cuz, i didnt miss anything. when do you ever in this town?
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