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It's okay...

So! I interviewed Jen at Salem today, and she said something that really struck me. I was taking notes when she mentioned her new in-laws and her partner. Suddenly she stopped, and asked if I knew that she was a lesbian, and quickly asked if it was "okay."

It floored me. I was stuttering. Of course it's okay. It should never not be ok. Seriously, even if I was a homophobic fundie, and it wasn't okay with me, then fuck me. Really. If it's not okay with someone, they can fuck off. It's always okay. Full stop. It kind of broke my heart. I can't believe she felt that she had to ask. I wish she hadn't felt the need to. Stupid world... Blew my mind.

Jen is amazing. She's a delightful woman, and a brilliant pastor. I really wish she could be fully ordained. The church won't be the same without her.

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Apr. 20th, 2006 12:40 pm (UTC)
lol awwww dude what the hell I thought everyone loved lesbians!

I certainly do :) Two of my close friends are bi girls that for all intents and purposes are lesbians (but the cute girly kind not the kinda of short-hair kind... which may in part come from being bi rather than totally lesbian) and they are awesome.

I've heard girls go on about how they love gays guys coz they can go and check out guys with em weelllll.... WE go and check out GIRLS with these two. It's fucking classic. They're actually far cruder than us.

"Fuuuuck man look at the tits on that bitch!"
I can't believe I've heard one of em say that.

- cal
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