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So there's this really badass severe thunderstorm going on right now... and I would be thoroughly enjoying it if I wasn't so confused about where the hell my flatmate is?

She and the beagle have disappeared, she paused the TV before she left, she left her phone here, and left the apartment with a lit candle in her room. This doesn't seem very Faith-ish. All I know is that her car is gone. Um? Donde?

ETA: YOWZA! Shit just went down. Massive lightning strike nearby, and now everywhere I look or every time I blink I see the squiggle that was once a giant lightning bolt. Right then. I'm goin' outside!
ETA2: She has returned, with beagle and loveseat in tow.

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Apr. 19th, 2006 01:29 am (UTC)
i hope your room mate is ok! where could she've gone?
Apr. 19th, 2006 01:33 am (UTC)
I really have no idea! The only thing I can figure is maybe she went to go check out a loveseat somewhere, because she mentioned it to me earlier, but she said she'd wait until I got home... which made sense because it would take two to lift it?

But... the fact that she left her phone, paused the TV on a show that was recording anyway, and left a lit candle makes me think she left in a hurry, and a loveseat isn't really a pressing matter? She probably thought she would've been home quickly, but still isn't? I'm really boggled.
Apr. 19th, 2006 01:34 am (UTC)
does she usually leave her phone though? i never leave my phone anywhere.
Apr. 19th, 2006 01:36 am (UTC)
No, she doesn't. She normally doesn't answer but she almost always has it with her.
Apr. 19th, 2006 10:07 am (UTC)
donde esta la faith? i was about to call her just no but then i realized how early it is, and she probably wouldn't appreciate that. did she come home eventually?
Apr. 19th, 2006 03:17 pm (UTC)
OMG I have work on Wednesday mornings, smooch! Of course I am up! (also, alive.)
Apr. 19th, 2006 03:22 pm (UTC)
Everyone is freakin' out 'cause of your houdini act, missy!
Apr. 19th, 2006 03:33 pm (UTC)
I dunno why omg. I was in a hurry, because I had been going to wait till you got home, but then he emailed me and was all "helloooo? are you coming?" and I was afraid he had someone else lined up and they might get it instead, so I told him I'd be there in 20 minutes or so, and then I got LOST, and then I realized I'd left my phone at home. So anyway. I had my reasons.
Apr. 19th, 2006 06:50 pm (UTC)
Apr. 19th, 2006 07:20 pm (UTC)
Apr. 19th, 2006 03:22 pm (UTC)
She did. She wandered in with a couch some 45 minutes after I made my post.
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