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Wow, PMS. You have impeccable timing. Now if I kill someone, I can chalk it up to hormonal imbalance. Huzzah!

Thankfully, the TA replied and acquiesced to my demands. She's still trying to tout her authority, and said that she's just growing extremely impatient with everyone who hasn't come to class. It's a lecture of a couple hundred, and attendance isn't required. What the hell does she expect? I had to restrain myself from writing back something like, "FYI: Not my fault. Oh, and you don't have the right to be impatient. You aren't teaching the class. The only reason you are there is to assist students who may not understand class materials or help those who weren't in class to catch up. Deal with it." But I won. I don't need to rub it in.

Anywho! Despite the cramps, my morning has been a smashing success! I got what I needed from the asstyrant, and Faith bought me Narnia and GoF for my belated presents! My flatmate is made of win. Now we shall go frolic into the morning and attend our horticulture lecture! Although, I think I can propagate/save any plant now. We came home from the weekend and one of our hibiscus plants was severely wilted. I clipped a couple of leaves, poured on some water and gave it some extra food and now the sucker is back in action. Oh, greenery.

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