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dude... jazz band today. woah. the whole day even. but jaz band woah. foxy was exceptionally flirty, which i dont mind. cuz he's a cutie. he stuck out his tongue and i pretended like i was gonna pinch it and what not and he was like.. yeah i dare you! and i told him not to stick out his tongue unless he planned to use it. and he was appalled. then he started laughing. wheee. but woah.. jon. he deserves a new paragraph.
. * . * .
6'2 or something. skinny. black hair. dark eyes. wicked mischevious smile. i stole his drumsticks. yes, i control his stick. bwah ha ha. and he pulled out a camera from his pocket and took a picture of me... knocky bastard. i hate having my photo taken. but he gave me a really nice hug. a really
really really nice hug. it tingled. it still does.. wheeee.

I GARGLE WITH THUMBTACKS! i am brody armstrong and damn, i am proud. *wails on my guitar*


today was a good energetic day. i filled out my class schedule for next year. wow, i wish i could take 12 classes. then i could finish it all. i really want to get into cardinal stritch.. or minnesota state. i got a letter from them both today. woo. Man songs i really like.... Selfless, Cold, & Composed, and Smoke. oh yeah, and the one i'm listening to right now. i wanna see jon again. =/ .. soon .. but i have to wait a week.

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