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Okay...I officially hate today. I don't even care that it's warm, and springlike, and sunny. Today is Monday, and it is stupid.

I even woke up early to make sure I didn't have anything due today and to make sure I could have a little time to adjust to the fact that I really must go to school today. I don't fucking want to. I mean it. I have been stressed out like crazy the past week, and I need a break.

This weekend was supposed to help. Getting out of the city and going somewhere was supposed to help. Stress was supposed to dissipate. Instead, my Grandpa goes into surgery, my car dies, the basement practically floods, and then friends freak the fuck out on me for not calling them. News Flash: that doesn't help me, and it certainly doesn't make me want to get up and take more of the time I don't have just to molify you. I need a break. Unfortunately, it seems as though there is no respite to be found. Now I've got another week of deadlines, and projects, and stress, and a complete and utter lack of time.

There are literally not enough hours in the day. I'm supposed to be at school in a half an hour, and even though I've been awake since 9:30 and am perfectly capable of being there on time, I'm not going to go right now. I just need some time for me before I am chained to the West Bank until 8:00. It's still not even over after that. I'll come home, edit a story for my magazine writing class, shoot e-mails out to the various people I'm interviewing, draw up interview questions, wonder briefly if I should read for class before deciding against in favor of sleep. Tomorrow I have orientation for my job in between classes, and when in the living hellfuck am I going to have time to pick up hours? Wednesday I have to interview Jen for my feature, and I haven't even started my News Feature for 3101 and I really need to do that before the semester is done. Thursday I have an interview at the Kitchen Window and I'm thinking about just turning them down, flat out. Thanking them, but ... when? If they can just create extra time, fine. If they can't, no dice. Also, I have the costume assignment coming up and I have to worry about the final because I haven't been to many of the classes and absoluely no one takes notes so I can't catch up and I don't even have time to catch up. So excuse me, but I am taking a short break right now, because I am probably about three centimeters away from a nervous breakdown.

I want a vacation. I want school to stop sucking my soul. I want summer. Now.

ETA: Oh, and I was supposed to register three days ago, and haven't yet. Beautiful.
ETA2: Aaaaaand I'm getting a tension headache. Anybody got a gun?

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