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There's no place like home, goddamnit.

ZOMG! Home! I throw myself before you! I prostrate myself with glee! I relish your carpet fibers, and revel upon your soft furnishings!

Ugh. It took forever to get back. We were in traffic for over an hour by Menominee, but we made the best out of it. We blew bubbles out the window the entire time. Oh, and thank God for bubbles, because otherwise I would've choked a bitch. With bubbles, however, we were laughing and squealing with glee as we watched the bubbles smoosh onto the cars speeding past us in order to duck in at the last minute and therefore prolonging the traffic jam. [BASTARD SONS OF WHORES!] Plus, for those waiting, it's cheerful! Playful! Bubbles for everyone! Yay traffic!

Anyway... I am now flopped on the couch and I am not moving. I am going to sit here, and drink Hot Sex, and watch Anchorman and get happy.

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