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Yes. I am 21. Guess what's the first thing I did today?

...decorated eggs. What? My mom bought the stuff, and hardboiled 20 eggs, so I figured I should just go with the flow. My eggs severely lacked the creativity found in previous generations. I think my favorite is the "Egg Instructions" egg, with the arrow pointing to the bottom and the words "Break it down."

But! I am 21 years old! And I was sitting in my PJ's trying to draw on this stupid egg with a white crayon and therefore couldn't see what I'd done! I felt extremely insecure about my artistry too, simply because I'm 21 and therefore my eggs should look like a mature art. And yet I'm left with "Wow! Pink!" written on a magenta egg because that really is all I've got.

Alas. Family health issues, Car = Ded... I cannot art under these conditions.

My mother also totally made me an Easter basket. She freaked out when Faith and I came back from our walk, because had we come in upstairs we would have totally ruined the surprise omg! Except for the part where my mother is a horrible liar, and I would've found out anyway when Gucci brought down a Reese's egg.

I mean, I just... what?!

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