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Shelby angry. SHELBY SMASH! ...and buys beer.

Okay. Rant time. Some of us have class on Tuesday nights. Some of us drive to school. Some of us park in the campus parking ramp because our class is on campus. Some of us don't always have money on us, especially since you totally can pay with a credit card when you exit the ramp. Some of us don't come to school 15-20 minutes early because there just might be some stupid, random event going on, which requires you to pay 5 bucks "cash only" in order to get into the fucking ramp.

This system is fucking ridiculous. For one thing, the people that check your little parking slip at the exit are still there, and they still check it to see if you owe them money, and they could still swipe your credit card, so you could totally pay hourly on your way out if you are oh, I don't know, going to school and not going to the stupid, random event.

When I had orientation they gave us a slip and said "Hey! You are at this event! You can get discount parking if you hold onto this slip! If you lose it, that's your problem!" Fine. That makes sense. That wasn't even during the school year... so why can't we employ the same method now? It's simple, it's logical, and you don't fuck anyone over by not allowing anyone to come into the ramp on a fucking school day.

I mean REALLY! If you're going to an organized event, why can't you pick up a slip? Why can't they organize that too? Why? Why do I have to put up with a bitchy woman that barely speaks English telling me that I can't come into the credit-card-capable ramp, because I need five dollars of paper money (or NINE at the other also credit-card-capable ramp) because people are too stupid to actually think or organize the events in a way that won't screw other people over? I wanted to stab the ramp-guardians in the eye with my cigarette. I still want for to murder them. *fumes*

Three ramp entrances, two different ramps, a crowded bank, and 35 minutes late to class when I would've actually been on time. Motherfuckers.

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