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I am having a meltdown.

Okay. I am having one of those nights. Y'know, the night when the writer opens up a couple of word documents and realizes that everything she's ever written sucks so hard omg.

I seriously just ripped apart an article I wrote for my Magazine writing class. Deleting whole paragraphs and just staring in a state of shock while my inner editor is screaming, "WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?" I should break my pens, burn my pencils, boil my paper, spill my ink and stay far, far away from anything with a keyboard.

This article was supposed to be light-hearted, witty, and funny? I may have even convinced myself that it was at one point, but as I read it over the humor sounds forced and there are bad puns. *buries head in shame*

Really now, what made me think I could do this? Clearly, I was wrong. I could open up any of my articles or stories and all I'd see is, "wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong."

Ugh. I fail.

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Apr. 11th, 2006 02:48 pm (UTC)
All of us have those day!

*hugs and offers chocolate.*

step away...watch a show then come back to it. Don't think just write.

*hugs again.* You can do it!
Apr. 11th, 2006 04:13 pm (UTC)
N'aaw. Thx.

I think it's gonna be better today. I gave up and slept for a good 10 hours, and I think that I may've just been overtired and cranky. We'll find out when I try to get back to the questioning.
Apr. 11th, 2006 04:40 pm (UTC)
gar *days even

That's what I get for waking up and attcking Livejournal before being really awake.

Good luck!!!!
Apr. 11th, 2006 02:59 pm (UTC)
Aww! I highly doubt your stuff was at all bad! You're brilliant. *hugs* I hope you get it all sorted out.
Apr. 11th, 2006 04:11 pm (UTC)
Thanks. =/ I think every writer goes through one of those insecurity overloads. This week is jst really stressful.
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