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I just wanna be whiney and miserable!

I don't wanna, zomg. Spring is so bad for me. It was gorgeous outside today, and I didn't get to revel in it because I had class from 11:15 until 7! I have been working all day. Now I have to do all the homework I should've been doing this weekend and ... I don't wanna.

I kind of don't want to keep watching the ABC Ten Commandments special, because Holy CGI Egypt, Batman. Also, the acting is so bad. So bad.

I have to edit my query letter before tomorrow, and I have to write up some interview questions and find a couple more sources to put on my list, because that is also due tomorrow. I also need to rewrite my story on semicolons, because I have to do my AP moment tomorrow. I should, in theory, also start working on my montage board... seeing as I haven't started and don't even really know what the project entails.

Still, am I working on these things? No. Because I don't wanna. UGH!

ETA: Okay... scratch that Egypt bit. Holy CGI everything, Batman. The only good thing about this "special" is Naveen Andrews.
ETA2: This movie is really bad. Really bad. There was no pillar of fire. When most movies just forgot it altogether, these guys put in a dusty cyclone and then show the Israelites walking noncommittally after it. "Oh yeah... sure. Follow the tornado. We do this every day. How 'bout them Shepards, eh?"
ETA3: Wait, what?! It's a tornado during the day and a wispy orange plasma-rod at night only? You have got to be kidding me.
ETA4: They fast-forwarded schools of fish before the sea was parted. Oh, and a completely unrelated volcanic explosion. What the fuck. *dies*
ETA5: Dear sweet Jesus, that was only the first half of it. There are two more hours. I might have to watch, because... damn.

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