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I totally forgot!

I got a ... weird bird-like creature on my birthday! It hatched! Beau'iful plumage!

Now I'm adopting this guy!

Huzzah. Now that I've properly calmed down from the electric blues cello and checked to make sure I don't have anything due tomorrow, I'm going to go pass out. It's been a full day, and I've been out and about for most of it. Good times. It's supposed to be 70 tomorrow... which means I probably won't get anything done, again! [Seriously, I'm a realist... so I know this has to stop, I just also know it probably wont.] Laundry still didn't get done. If I'm not careful, I'm going to have to go buy some knickers or go commando pretty soon. Eesh.

Ok, g'nite f-list! *zonksnore*

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