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A Day with the Bryman

It's been a ridiculously full day.

Started it off with Oh Em Gee Fellowship! sbryan and I went to Salem English Lutheran Church's Jazz service. Afterward, I talked to Jen, the pastoral minister, and asked her if it was alright for me to write my feature story on the church move for The Lutheran magazine, and she said she'd love that. I'm really excited about it.

Also, it's a beautiful spring day, so we decided that walking around the lake should happen... and it did. We may have turned the Bryman into a dog person. Ya can't walk a cat! There were geese and ducks and open water and spring! I am endlessly excited about this season.

It was so lovely, in fact, that after we went to his parents' faculty recital (Mozart and Arias, y'all.) we decided to climb around on the bluff-like area by the Mississipi. We tried to caveman carve our names into some extremely maleable sandstone, but ended up making a huge mess on my shoes. I'm cool with the shoe mess though, because I really need some new footwear and aesthetic needs might just be the proper impetus I need. Whatever. Climbing! River! Outside! Warm weather!

In fact... it smells like grill in the air. We came back for some relaxation in the form of SMB3 and Dragon Warrior. Now we're gonna go head out to the Famous Dave's Blues Jam! A good day all around.

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