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It's indie rock 'n' roll for me.

It's beautiful outside! I have the windows fully open, and there's a marvelous breeze. I was feeling really gross this morning, very feverish and nauseated, but that broke! And now I'm happy! Eating seafood alfredo! Basking in the sounds and sensations of spring! Huzzah! It's a good life.

Unfortunately for me, after the eating is done, the laundry must begin; especially if I'm going swimming tonight. It kind of sucks that no one will come with me, but I can't wait to get back in water. I am feesh. Also, the lakes are completely open now, and we drove around them last night at sunset. They were gorgeous shades of turquoise and amber with little black ripples. I don't think it gets much better.

Why yes, I will hug that tree.

Aaaaanyway, the real reason I'm writing this entry is to welcome new friends! *grin* Here's a little introduction...

My name is Shelby, and I am a 21-year-old journalism student at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. I love it to bits and pieces, because I adore writing, as you will probably notice. Yes, I do update my livejournal daily, sometimes multiple times... but it's all oh so worth it.

I live in uptown Minneapolis right near two fabulous lakes that you'll probably hear about. I live with faithlynn, so whenever I mention teh flatmate you'll know who I'm talkin' about. We have a little beagle named Gucci, who is - while adorable - hopeless. She's a great big freak, and I like to toy with the possibility of turning her into a handbag if an when she decides to be naughty.

This is her, and she is quite beautiful.

I also adore music, and love sharing it with my f-list. Though I haven't done it in awhile, I really like making music share posts with whatever artists I can't stop listening to at the time. You'll probably see some entries about Blues Sunday, when I go to Famous Dave's for the blues jam with friends. I have a lot of opinions about music too, so I guess that should be known. I, myself, am a musician. I play trumpet, piano, and I have sang for years. I'm currently in the U of M Gospel Choir, and loving every minute of it.

I love love love reading. I also like discussing what I'm reading so there'll be a fair bit of booksquee and me making mention of the books I'm reading. Of course, I do re-read Harry Potter and whatnot but I don't think any of us really mind talking about the HP. I also love good writing and will debate endlessly on what constitutes good writing. I am kind of a grammar nazi. Yes, I do read books with a pencil in hand just so I can make corrections when I find errors.

I also love movies, and love giving reviews that have absolutely no credibility behind them but are, of course, totally right omg. Recently, I haven't had too much money to go see movies... and I didn't even bother to write about Basic Instinct 2 because... no, but! That's another part of this whole el jay business.

I do memes a lot, but normally keep them behind a cut. I also have a picspams that I do regularly, i.e. Manflesh: wherein I gratuitously post pictures of men being sexy. I also do News Roundups: wherein I summarize the best of the news, and bring it to you with a twist.

Of course there is rl, and there will probably be some filler... but for the most part, this is what you can expect. You can expect me to read every single entry you make. No lie. I try to comment on almost all of them, because I like receiving and making comments. All in all, I love my el jay and my f-list, and I am happy to have met you and I hope you enjoy yourself here.

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