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Manflesh Mach II

Since this Thursday has been so intolerable, I'm here to lighten the mood. More recs, more drool. So let's get down to it, shall we?

I told you I get carried away sometimes, so! You've been warned. Let's start this off right...

Jake Gyllenhaal

With the BW head shot!

Smiling BW head shot!

Still smiling.

Mmmmmm. Smiling.

Mmmf. Muss.

Mmmf. Wet.

Mmmf. Floor.

Black and white is very flattering on flesh.


Suit. Black and white. Flesh. And Smile. Does it get better? No.

And now, ICONS! I haven't done these in awhile, so be kind. Credit if using, and if you want to add text to the textless icons, feel free - just credit me with the base. Have at 'em.

|| || ||

|| || ||

|| ||

Jason Statham

Obligatory head shot of sexiness.

Obligatory sexy suit.

Unf. Obligatory prone position.

Obligatory beefcake.

No words.

Nathan Fillion (This guy... remarkably hard to find good pictures of. Strange.)

Head shot A.

Head shot B.

Suit! And BW!


Ain't nothin' like a man lost in thought.

Ralph Fiennes

BW Head shot.

Ain't nothin' like mischeif.

Ain't nothin' like angst. See the Diego Luna section for futher details.


Watermelon, anyone? What about freaky shark head in the background?

Oh look! He's right where we need him.

Another successful round! Tune in tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel for the end of the trilogy!

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