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Give me caffiene, or give me death.

First and foremost, I am tired. I've been yawning every thirty-five seconds for the past three hours. Not enough caffiene in the world, I tell you. This day has taken an eternity. Ugh.

Also, don't let me forget that I can go see Metric on Monday night at First Avenue, 'cause damn.

Anyway, I got a job! I'm going to be rockin' out at Famous Dave's, either as a hostess, a waitress, a cater-whore, or working at the offsite locations. Most of the summer I'll probably be at the Metrodome, working outside, constantly surrounded by live music. This is good. Especially since I'll be pullin' down some massive bucks. In the restaurant, I get 9 bucks an hour plus tips. Outside, 10 bucks an hour plus tips. Yeah. Extreme jealousy is an acceptable response.

Oh, and I'll be pitching my first story to a mag soon. Wish me luck.

Okay, coffee... then manflesh. *yawn* Thank God I don't have school tomorrow, because I'm pretty sure I'll be out for days once I surrender my consciousness.

ETA: Okay, if someone can get me a screencap of the Colbert Report's WORD on April 4th for "Birdie" when it says "Thesaurus Rex" I will love you eternally and sing your praises for at least a week. 'Cause Thesaurus Rex has been my nickname for forevar and I totally want to make an icon/banner/big deal out of it.

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