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way cool dude

click to take it!

kick i love those guys. mmm.. canadian punk band... yummm. I'm going to steal cone, he's the masterbasser...

today should prove to be interesting. it's a half day and i have uh... no motivation. ^ that is so nifty. yeah but i should do my math, seeing as i didnt. i'm still not awake yet though, but i can fake it. why not? Eh, i'll just copy someone elses. i dont understand it worth shit, and i have a math test on monday but i dont really give a damn. then again... when do i?

yeah, today is chris's g'pas funeral. :( imma call him later and see if i cant cheer him up a bit, cuz i called yesterday and he was pretty glum before the wake... well duhhhh. hopefully after today though things will improve. what with the depressing finality of it all... but then it makes way for healing and imma try to help. he helps me, its the least i can do n junk.
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