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A decision has been made...

So Faith and I have a couple of guilty pleasures, one of which involves the show Design on a Dime on HGTV. We watched a couple of episodes today. In the first, they took a stark, white apartment - similar to the one we live in, and made it swanky and hip with 1000 bucks. In the second episode they remodled a 14-year-old girl's bedroom. Badly, at that. Um... wtf? A) this girl is going to hate it in 6 months, b) she doesn't know shit about design, and c) there are other people who could really use cozier living spaces, like us... for example. Therefore, we are going to write a letter of complaint, and insist that they transform our apartment into something beautiful. Either that, or they can give us the $1,000 and we'll do it.

I talked to my Grandpa today, and he's doing really well. I'll be spending Easter with him, and I'm really glad for that. :) My Gpa's a cool guy. I really can't wait to go white-water canoing this summer. By the way, who wants to come? Let me know, because I'm trying to plan.

You know what I won't do until at least 10 p.m.? Homework. That's right. Sure, it's due tomorrow, but fuck that. I have a couple hours between classes tomorrow. The fact that I'm starting early is extremely generous. I just never want last night to happen again. I'm not going to give up procrastinating entirely, but I'm toning it down this week.

I want another vacation.

And now... because I'm feeling cranky lately:

Ladies, name me three men you find impossibly attractive.

Manflesh cures just about everything. True fact.

ETA: Also, my finger really hurts... and I want to watch Ice Age. Wtf?

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