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Turns out...

So you know how Shelby is always right? And you also know that I said I felt like I should be doing something this weekend?

Guess what, as per normal, I was right! I have a paper due tomorrow. The amazing thing is, I couldn't have actually known that I had a paper due, because I haven't been to the class in question since the midterm. The professors change at midterm. Different professors, different syllabi, and I don't have the syllabus because I haven't gone. Yet, look at me go and be right. Clairvoyance, I tell you what.

Some might say it was lucky that I just happened to check WebCT, but I remember distinctly thinking that it would be the right thing to do. Lo and behold, it was because I have a paper. Due tomorrow. For a class that I haven't been to. Check out that icon o'irony.

Some days I hate being right. Today is one of those days. Arg.

Also, I totally have DST lag, and it sucks leik woah.

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