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It's raining all the time...

Well, April sure isn't wasting any time on bringing the showers. The sky looks stupid, and it is raining stupidly. I was going to make a post-April Fool's Day news roundup, and hopefully have loads of hilarious articles about pranks gone wrong, but even the news is more stupid than usual today. It's making me feel particularly angsty.

I really want to play badminton today, but that's an obvious no-go. Rawr. I might go to the blues jam tonight if I'm feeling more social.

I finished So Long and Thanks for All the Fish last night, and I am pleased to report that it is much better than the Life, the Universe, and Everything. I liked all but the last 5th of the book, and I think I'm coming to the conclusion that anything involving Ford Prefect is something I'm probably not going to like anymore. I don't know why, but it seems like whenever he's brought back to the plot, my ability to enjoy the story lessens. I have nothing against the character, but whenever he's around the story either gets too dull, too uneccessary, or too confusing. Ah well... one more to go, and no, I didn't have to pick spiderwebs off of this one.

In other news, my birthday is three days away and I'm kind of not ready for it. It's the big 21. After this, all my birthdays will be the mile-markers of death. Hooray! And like, whatever. I'm getting a drink.

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