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Chirp ...

So... it's 3:56 in the morning, and there's a bird outside my window that is screaming its bloody head off for no readily apparent reason. Dawn is not even remotely near beginning to think about approaching because even dawn is too tired at this ungodly hour of morning. Now, I don't normally will unfortunate happenings upon God's cute creatures, but I really want this bird to get laryngitis 'cause if this keeps up, Imma have to choke a bitch.

I had a lovely time drinking with Jeff tonight. We talked and talked, and it was quite nice. I kind of forgot how cool he is.

Unfortunately, my buzz is wearing off now... and I'd like to go to sleep before it's completely gone, but this sodding bird has got himself a partner in crime now. Anybody got a BB gun? I'm willing to shoot in the dark if it'll get them to shut up before they organize an entire chorus.

Oh! I got Jeff hooked on LOST, too. I always feel a surge of accomplishment whenever I infect someone with my fandoms, which - I realize - is kind of cruel.

Also, Matt e-mailed me back again. I haven't read it yet, because I'm too tired... but it makes me happy. In related news, I just found out my friend Carmen gave up IM and facebook for lent. What. the. fuck. This is clearly a sign of the end times. When instant messangers and online profiles become sacrifices, the end is like, so nigh.

Whatever. It's time to set up one of the best April Fool's pranks I think I've ever done.

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