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Woah Nelly...

Thursdays take forever. Ugh. I am wiped. Where's my beer?

In other news, there's been a charming new developement recently.

I finally stopped being stupid, and e-mailed Matt at 2 a.m. last night. It was a massive e-mail, and I spent about an hour writing it. Today, he e-mailed me back and spent 2 hours on his. I replied, spending another two hours. This is good. Really good. *le sigh de contentement* That works when you say it with a French accent.

Hey, Random! I need to purchase a DVD of the original Blues Brothers.

Oh, hello Nintendo! I think I'm gonna go kill some baddies in Dragon Warrior. Yarrrrr.

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Tags: *le sigh*, friends, hxc n00b, lurv, thursdays are hard
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