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Mothafuckin' Kenny Rogers, Motherfucker!

"Don't look at me in that tone of voice." - Wynonna Judd

Uh... what?

Also, I really wish this wasn't happening, but look at the cast list. Let it be known that I fucking loathe Tom Hanks, but Audrey Tautou? She's the cutest thing since labrador puppies! Paul Bettany? Walking sex! Ian McKellen? My dream Grandpa! Alfred Molina? Cigarettes! Coffee! Law! Order!

I'm going, but I'm not happy about it.

So I'm having a weird day. The weather was lovely, and I went to all my classes... and on the way back from St. Paul teh flatmate and I were almost run off the road thrice. There were two people who apparently felt they needed to slowly slide into my lane, and then one guy who just wanted to violently bash into the passenger side. Luckily, none of them succeeded in smashing me into tiny bits. I haff reflex of tiger.

Anyway, when I was leaving my last class my brain began to wax philosophical. I was going down the escalator and suddenly became really awed by human invention. For real, who comes up with this shit? Living in the city terrifies me sometimes, because I have enough trouble squaring with the brilliance of nature, let alone with humans manipulating nature into highly intricate structures and things. I don't get it. I don't understand substance. Cells tying to consciousness and actually being a solid even though cells have space and electrons are always flying through things, and in and out of the cell nuclei that actually makes me... I have a problem wrapping my brain around it sometimes. Most of the time I accept that I can't know everything, won't know because I don't care enough to research, plus I seriously doubt anyone really understands it anyway, and so I am more than happy to just ignore it. I promise I'll get back to that point soon... but not yet.

I also often find myself loking at the faces of people who pass me, or who are around me at stoplights and wonder where they're going. Who they are. What they're thinking. I really like people. They're incredibly interesting, and there are far too many that I will never meet. I haven't even been to the other hemisphere yet. Ugh.


ETA: SPACE! How?! When do the atoms of earth stop and it decides to be nothing? How is there nothing? The nothing must be made of something. There must be nothing atoms. How else does it maintain it's volume? Does it even have volume? Stars? They're huge! But they're not enough somethin' to fill the nothing. And the nothing grows? The universe is constantly growing, but it's mostly space but the space is nothing so... what?
ETA2: No, I am not high.

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