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It's hard out here for a pimp...

Harry Potter Character Meme!
Lost Character Meme!
Sort me!

Also, Faith and I have been parodying rap songs for our beagle, and singing them with great abandon. Here are some examples.

To the Tune of 'Baby Got Back'

I like bea-gles and I cannot lie.
You other pooches can't deny.
When a dog walks in a waggin' at the waist,
Stickin' her nose in your face,
You'll have fun.

To the tune of 'Shake That'
There she go,
Shakin' that tail on the floor,
Trottin' and hoppin she go,
The way she waggin' it, oh,
I think I'm losin' control.


Two to the one to the one to three,
I like my beagles and I like 'em free,
Got three colors, like you wouldn't believe,
And she gets more love than either you or me.
I met a bad bitch and her name was Gucci
Let me tell you how I made her leave with me
A leash and some authority.
We've been to the mothafuckin' mountain top.
Heard mothafucka's talk, seen 'em drop.
If I ain't got a beagle, I'm 'onna pick up a rock,
And when I bust yo' ass, we gon' continue to walk.

Getcha ass on a walk with those little feet
It's real easy just follow the beat
Don't let that beagle pass you by
Look real close cause dirt flecks fly...

We bout to have a party (turn the music up)
Let's get it started (Go 'head shake your butt)
I'm lookin for a dog, and a leash, and a brisk strut
Wanna get it poppin, baby step right up
Some dogs they act retarded
Some dogs are bout it bout it
I'm lookin for a pup that will do whatever the fuck
I say everday she be livin it up.

Now, look at that beagle in front of me,
Stupid as can be.
Tonight I want a mut,
Hope you don't mind.
I heard you was cute from a friend of mine.

Now I hope you don't get mad at me,
But I told Nate you was a freak.
He said he wants a mut,
Hope you don't mind,
I told him how you like to sit and whine...

Haahhh! I ain't leavin' without you bitch!

... That's about enough. There's more but I can't bring myself to type it up. Heh. *blush*

You scored 67% kindness, 54% courage, 50% seedy past, and 71% secretiveness!

"No girl's just like me."

You are Kate. You are caring, brave, stubborn, and persistent. You have
a checkered past that haunts you. You have yet to tell anyone the truth
about pretty much anything, which is certainly not healthy. If you
think Jack will judge you harshly, go tell Sawyer or Sun. You're a
tough cookie, but everyone has feelings. Start being more honest with
the others, and you'll be right as rain.

Your polar opposite is: Walt
You are similar to: Sawyer and Charlie.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 66% on kindness
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You scored higher than 72% on courage
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You scored higher than 76% on seedy past
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You scored higher than 90% on secretiveness
Link: The Which Lost Character Are You Test written by ack_attack on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

Ok. My past is not that seedy, and I don't think I'm that secretive. I'm pretty much an open book, and I wear my thoughts on my sleeve. Whatever, though. I'm not completely against this diagnosis. I'm certainly not The Korean Gardener, Babymomma, Ballerina Bitch, or Analope(DIE!). or Shannon. Neither am I Captain Hero Dr. Jack, Mr. Clean, Sir Smooshed Biplane, Mercutio, Net Fisher, Trippy Von Druggerson of Heroine Town, Torture-man, or Sexy McSex. No, I will not refer to them by their actual names.

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