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Wait, they still make country music?

Kidding. Kidding. For real though, did any of you realize that there's a country version of American Idol called Nashville Star? 'Cause I totally didn't. There are tight jeans and cowboy hats involved. I am in favor.

Aaaanyway, I just saw the V for Vendetta trailer for the first time on the tee vee, and it reminded me of all the previews I've seen recently. So, here are some up and coming movies, and what I think about 'em based on the preview.

Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift
No, I'm not lying. I thought the preview was lying. Surely, they wouldn't make another F&F movie. They just wouldn't. Surely not. Except they are, but instead of adding more gangstas, they are throwing Li'l Bow Wow and a country boy from Tennessee or sommat into the middle of the Tokyo racing underground. I didn't think they could make the premise any more ridonkulous than the last one, but they did. Oh, and this time they're actually allowing the cars to hit one another. That's the only draw.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
I am so excited for this movie! It's not even rational. I can't wait to see how horribly Bonnie and Clyde Kiera and Orlando are. Plus, Johnny Depp in mascara again!? How can you argue with that? You can't! You just can't. Now, don't worry. I realize it's a sequel and that sequels are never as good as the original, but I'll eat my socks if this movie isn't ridiculously fun. Also, did I mention Johnny Depp in mascara? 'Cause unf...

Mission Impossible III
I honestly haven't seen any of the MI movies, but I might have to see this one just because Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Billy Crudup are in it. Best Actor, Senior Scientologist, and Sexy McSex (and if you think Billy ain't sexy, you clearly haven't seen Stage Beauty.) in the same movie? That's got to be at least moderately entertaining, especially since Tom Cruise threatened Comedy Central, saying he would not promote his own movie if they played the Scientology bashing episode of South park one more time.

Superman Returns
I'm excited about this one because it's coming to my Imax, which means two things. 1) It's gonna be ginormous, and 2) it's gonna be free for me. Big and free. Can't complain, man. Other than that? Holy CGI Mailbox, jumping boy... everything? Maybe? Other than that... I expect it to be bad, and I really think it's only being made because Batman Begins was received so well. So yes, I'm confident that it will be a bad movie, but it'll be free so I won't care.

This movie, as far as I can tell, is basically an attempt to scare people off of cruise ships. Giant wave knocks over boat. Panic ensues. I wouldn't even mention it, except that Kurt Russell, Richard Dreyfuss, and Emmy Rossum are in the movie. I was kind of hoping any and all casting directors would have put Emmy on their blacklist after seeing her whopping four facial expressions (she's so completely un-versatile) in Phantom. I really don't want to see this movie. It's literally the new Titanic, except instead of throwing an expensive diamond into the ocean, they throw Kurt Russell into the fire. I am so completely uninterested, you probably couldn't convince me to see it on DVD. The level of bass when you hear the preview in the theater is really something to experience though. It shakes your ribcage.

Basic Instinct 2
David Thewlis? What are you doing in this movie? Whatever, I'll allow it. It looks vaguely sexy. Sharon Stone seduces and kills people. I can dig it. I could dig it on the big screen, but I am not convinced that I'm willing to pay for it. Maybe for Thewlis. I do kind of love him a lot.

Take the Lead
Antonio Banderas tangoing. Young hooligans break dancing. Combining the two styles and dancing it up. This movie is going to be - if nothing else - sexy. Antonio is dancing the tango, people! I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. Plus, Rob Brown is in it. I haven't seen him since Finding Forrester, and he seriously hasn't aged a day. Still, this movie promises to be horrible. I probably won't see this in the theater. Though, I will probably drool over it on DVD like I do with Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights.

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