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ugly dayyyy

bleh... today was like... super ugly. and i'm super duper tired. and i dont know why, i'm just exhausted. but i have fun tests to take. wheee.

Take the What
animal best portrays your sexual appetite??

they say it may have a very bad winter storm heading for us. i hope so. i wanna get outta school do0d. i want a day off god dammit. i think i deserve it. i think chris does too for that matter. i hope he knows he can call me if he needs it. =/

homework is so obnoxious. i dont wanna do it. just say no man! resist!! must... not... surrender... GAH! i've already resolved that there is no way in hell i'm doing my math. i think imma go to the online 27 radar thing and see what my chances for a snow day are. well either way, it's a half day so even if there is a delay they wont make us go. it'd be hilarious if they did though, two hour delay, five minutes per class. actually 2 min in the class and 3 minute passing periods. that would be so great.
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