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Sunday with the blues...

Okay, I'll admit it's getting slightly less offensive, and I hope it's just one of those haircut situations where you just hate it because it's so completely unfamiliar. Please weigh in on it, though? I want to know how your aesthetic registers.


I got my follow-up questions from Adam and a workable quote from Moses so I'm pretty sure this not-article* will fall into place really nicely. Pam already likes it, and I think with some revision and preening it'll come off just fine. Maybe it'll even morph into a profit fairy. Who knows?
*Definition: "not-article" - somethin' I ain't gettin' paid for.

Went back to Famous Dave's for the blues jam, and it was packed tonight. Lots of birthdays and also Sheila Raye Charles. As in the daughter of Ray Charles. That one. Did I miss something? 'Cause she totally just came up and sang a few songs, and rocked it. Evidently, the pianist who's part of the jam band every sunday is also her pianist? I think? I was not prepared, and I even had special notice because I was talking to Moses' girlfriend. [Now there's something you don't get to type everday...] It doesn't end there, though! She was wearing, and I shit you not, apple bottom jeans. Eminem and Nate Dogg, anyone? Anyone out there listen to crass hip-hop? Yes? No? Maybe? Well the point here, is that she was. She sang her father's song, "Drown in my own Tears" and it was beautiful. She performs with a ton of her father's mannerisms, and it's kind of amazing.

Oh, and the band also had some singers come up this week - which means I might want to try and get on up there. The pianist's pretty little girlfriend rocked Fever, and if you don't know that song... I might have a problem being friends with you. Hey, I'm just sayin'. De gustibus non disputandum est.

Other song highlights? Moses totally blues-ized Moondance, which is another song that everyone should know. And yes, they totally played Soul Man by James Brown. It was a good, good night.

ETA: Why is the Yoplait Custard Style Vanilla Yogurt so good?

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