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wheeeee .

i just got off the phone with ians mum and dad. one hour and ten minute conversation. wow. Ian's dad thinks he's missing me a whole fuckload. That's worth pondering. i wish he'd fucking call if he missed me. but no, that's too easy. ` rolls eyes

I called foxy today and i made him laugh so i'm happy. I actually called twice, and we talked twice for like 15 minutes. He's coming back to school tomorrow. YAY! He made a point of telling me about the condition of his lips... hmmm... wonder why he mentioned it. i'll toy with the idea. heh heh. Imma hug him.

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i'm so tired lately. and we're asposta get a really big snow storm thingie. i'm praying for a snow day. I hope my mom'll let me have my movie night still. Foxy needs to get out. Plus, it'd be fun fun fun! i'm hopeless.
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