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My socks are wet.

I've been tromping through the knee-high snow, and shoveling snow away from trapped cars which is really unpleasant work... but it's perfect packing snow, you just have to scoop and fling. Perfect, I say! I want to build a snowman and a snow angel and have a snowball fight because I am twelve forevar, but teh flatmate is sick, and muhnipul8a was such a party pooper last time that I'd be better off throwing snow at my own face. Somehow I don't think that'll be very satisfying. Also have no snowpants, and I feel really strange thinking that I need those as an adult. Am I the only one?

The beagle smells like hamster. I don't understand either. I do know that watching her try to navigate her way through snow that is level with her back is high-quality entertainment. Also, I don't know if I mentioned this, but before she was named Gucci - her name was "Maybelle." Who the hell names their dog - or anything else, for that matter - "Maybelle"? She doesn't look like a "Maybelle," she looks like a Gucci and yes, she will probably be a handbag one day. What?

I rock the random, by the way.

Also, since teh one flatmate is ill, and the roads are sucky, and it's spring break, I think we might go on a Harry Potter flick marathon because we are just that cool. Plus, I don't have a mouse so I can't play Warcraft properly and damn you, Blizzard Entertainment, for ruining my GPA! I could've been a contendah...

Oh well. This is why we have baby Radcakes and a Hermione equipped with bushy hair. Oh, Sorcerer's Stone, how I love thee. ♥ I should really finish my parody of that film. Heh. Also, finish crocheting the giant blanket of doom for the 'rents. Right then. I'm on it!

ETA: The snow is officially beagle-deep.

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