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When I drove down to my house I drove into a thunderstorm. Sure, we don't normally get full on severe thunderstorms with tornados in March, but spring came early so whatever! Then it was windy but above freezing. That's spring-like weathery behavior, o-kai. Today it was sunny and warm when I left, and I drove into a blizzard. What the hell? No rly, tell me.

While driving up, I totally saw someone go flying into the snow-filled ditch at something like 70 mph. It was impressive, and I'm not sure I can even properly describe it. I know there was a massive 25 ft high cascade of snow, and a lot of skidding... but other than that, I think that little accident shocked me more than my own.

Now, it's been a good couple of hours, and I am solidly drunk. Which is good, because it's something that I've kind of needed all week. Especially after last week and the stress-ball of doom. I think I need another week, and a lot of money. That way, I can book it to some ocean.

Whatever. I'm going to take my drunk self and go watch Can't Hardly Wait with Sandy. Wheeee!

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