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murder me dammit

why the hell dont they? fucks sake...yah, you cant go to your concert unless you go to church. we're going as a family. yeah, what the fuck ever. family my ass, i'd be falling asleep, they'd be bitchy because i'd be falling asleep and disgracing their perfect little image. Then we'd walk around a fuckin grocery store not even in the same isle as the other, then ride home and not converse. yep, happy family. should just fuckin run away... yesterday was so great until they showed up. could have slept this morning. but no, had to go to church or else i'm going to hell or something liket hat. also, i wont be able to go to my concert tomorrow and that is so black mail. mom turned on me this time, my finger is scratched to hell. i dont really care. ram my hand on the wall and grind it. rip my posters, go ahead. someday you'll get what's coming to you. then you can see me sitting back and i'll just laugh. ask me for help? yeah, i'll fuckin help.
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