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Procrastination suits me.

My timing is ace. Yesterday I scheduled all my various doctors appointments for today, and they all fit in beautifully. So, as my mother said while I was kicking her arse at backgammon, "Your luck is something to behold."

Unfortunately, my luck also woke me up at 6:50 this morning. I know, I know... but it's break! I should be wasted all day and sleeping in until three in the afternoon! Plus, I had to start off the day at the dentist, and he's kind of um, terrifying.

He's a total freak, and he used to ask me reeeally personal questions... but today he contented himself with listing off every single suburb around Minneapolis, mumbling something about our nation's dependance on oil, and making fun of Paul Harvey's speech patterns. The conversation? Relatively painless, though still very awkward because, honestly, how do you talk with someone else's fingers in your mouth? I mean really. My teeth? Perfectly healthy! My gums? Are going to bleed forever oh my God. I really don't understand it... because he prodded them gently and I thought it was over. Then, while cleaning my teeth he just stabs them periodically. He sees me wince, but does he apologize? No. He just keeps jabbing away, hands me a toothbrush, congratulates me on my oral hygiene, and shoos me out the door. The nerve! What do I do? I come home and eat a massive bowl of Cocoa Pebbles just to spite him. That's right. *chomp*


One down, two more to go.

ETA: This icon? That's the real dentist lurking behind that suspicious lab coat and the large glasses from the 70s! Boo, I say.

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