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Peter Griffin is a poor role model...

Has anyone noticed that cartoons are getting progressively more vulgar? I kind of miss Bugs Bunny.

I seem to be back in Cambridge... I don't know how much time I'm going to have to do anything, but we'll see. It looks like solid doctor appointments and "family time." Hoo-ray! I'm actually kind of excited about the food bit though, I came home to a ham dinner. WTF? Clearly the weather craziness has made my parents think that it's Easter already. Whatever, it was tasty.

So this town? Still sucks liek woah. I haven't quite grown the stones to tell my mom that I'm actually leaving Wednesday afternoon. That seems a little cold, but I wanna see lightofmine before she returns to exotic/abysmally dull Nebraska. Take your pick of modifier.

Visiting Alex was a good time. Except for the part where made me watch Tombstone, and I almost got an aneurysm. I love me some film, but I hate me just about all westerns. I'm sorry, but I don't have the strength. We did finish up the first season of Lost, though. I've almost got him all caught up, and I've definitely got him addicted. I win at life.

Right so... I should write some drabble, huh?

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