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A Replay...


I might be too tired to enjoy you. Sad, innit?

55 Degrees! HI SPRING! SPRING SPRING SPRING! It smells like wet out there! There's blue sky and white puffy clouds the trees are budding and Spring! *bounce bounce bounce* Anyway, just in time for it to get warm... I'm getting into the Plymouth Acclaim and getting the fuck out of this city. I'm going to the country, where the laundry is free and the homework is nonexistant... and then I'm leaving there too for God only knows where. Awesome. I'll catch you on the flipside.

ETA: For some reason, my mind totally just thought it was 6:00 and that I better get out of town before it gets dark. What. the. hell?

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Tags: how's the weather?, rollin' in my acclaim
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