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Baby, it's warm outside!

Sunshine! Blue sky! No clouds! Cool breeze! Fitty degrees!

Man, March's feral cat just morphed into a siamese, and it is gorgeous. This is cause for celebration, having a grilled dinner, and walking around the lake.

Still, I am not the only one reveling in this divine weather. It's wrought many changes on our plantlife. The basil's secondary leaves got massive all of a sudden, and the cilantro is shooting skyward. We need bigger pots again. Mmmmm. Spring. Mmmmm. Herbs.

Also, I may have done poorly on my Herbology exam, but my plants in the greenhouse are flourishing. I ate a fresh bean today! Right off the plant that I grew from a seed! It was delicious, and crisp, and there are many more on the way. I literally just walked into the greenhouse, plucked it off the bean bush, rinsed it off, and ate it. Also, if anyone wants a "Zebrina Wandering Jew" plant to liven up a room, apartment, mother, or what have you, let me know. I literally have 30 plants that I have no idea what to do with, so if you're in the area...

You make me Gardening makes me feel like a natural woman.


Unfortunately, this natural woman has contracted the Hiccups of Doom, and they - in turn - make me feel like death. I just want to sit and flail petulantly whilst whining, "Oooooowwwwwww! It h*ic*huu-huu-huuuuuurts!"

What do you guys do in order to banish said Hiccups of Doom? Mine are exceptionally stubborn.

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