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What's with today today?

Right... so. This was my day, in chronological order...

- Waking up? Sucked. Getting out of bed before noon is like, so totally over-rated, like. *punches self in face*

- Midterm? Probably bombed. Awesome. *slaps self in face*

- Lunch? Ate grapefruit. Called father. Suffered inevitable political debate. *dies a little inside*

- Costume Lab? I am totally ashamed of this, but I had the song [and this is how it's punctuated, I'm not even joking] "I'mN Luv (Wit a Stripper)" by T-Pain and Mike Jones stuck in my head the entire time. I know, I know. *has suicidal thoughts*

- Came home... watched Project Runway re-runs that I missed, and scoped out the 2006 Dolce & Gabbana show and swimwear. *morphs into fashion critic*

- The Drive to Gospel choir? I don't really know how we got on this topic of conversation, but faithlynn and I were discussing things we would demand to have if we were celebrities. We settled on a hot pink water gun made to look exactly like an AK47. I would wear it on my back all. the. time. *silly*

- Actual Gospel choir? Let's just say... "Anderson Haaaaall is aliiiiiive with the sound of percussive choral musiiiiic! *goes bonkers*

- The Drive Back from Gospel choir? Represent CUBA! *not Cuban*

- Then we get back... I check my e-mail ... decide we should go get our coffee table that we found on Craig's List, and do so. It's [well, "they're" technically...] lovely. We now have a coffee table and two matching end tables. The living area is kind of cluttered now, but I'm sure we'll get it sorted. I wanna get this futon the hell out of here. *morphs into Martha Stewart*

For real... what is going on today? I haven't written my profile piece yet, and I'm feeling really lost. I'm going to take a walk with aither_nyx. Priorities, y'all.

ETA: It has come to my attention that the original Natalie Portman Rap was taken off of, but I'm tricksy... and found it again. It's a must see.
ETA2: Oh, also. Teh one flatmate was sad today, so I origamiied her a Happy Samurai hat... and turned origami into a verb. I may have discovered the key to Utopia. Just sayin'.

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