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A Tribute...

I love all of you. I do. I really do.

You bring me stuff like this. quidditchkiss, you rock my socks.

I am filled with love for Natalie Portman. I want to whisk her away to Canada and marry her for you guys.

I adore that my f-list is fraught with Oscar recaps and rants. Hooray for film geekery, y'all. I cannot even tell you... You make me warm, fuzzy, and prone to flailing. Hugs all around! I watched most of the Oscars from Famous Dave's because Adam was playing with the blues folk. The subtitles kept going out, which was a shame for obvious reasons. I mean, c'mon... Jon Stewart!

I will say that I did not see nearly as many movies this year as I should've. Having no money sucks. I am going to start ransacking the $2 theater. Oh yes. Anyway, [SPOILAHS!] I continue to be irritated that my boyfriend, Harry Potter, continues to go unrecognized. What the hell, Academe? I was not surprised that Brokeback Mountain didn't win for best film, though. I'm not going to go into it, because there's really no point... and I haven't seen Crash, but it's on rental at McDonalds [and no, I am still not ok with MacDo's renting movies... It will never compute.] for a dollar...

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