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i'm a jazzed up weirdo

Take The Mu$ic Biz Whore Test

and i'm really not a music biz whore. whatever that is. what i am, is exhausted. Honors Jazz Band all day today, god it rocked. Jon is my biotch. lmao. completely made xerox soo fucking jealous. we beat the hell out of and lost willy's sack. Willy is now sackless. i had a 32 measure improv solo and woah, it was spiffed out. caitlin is so great, she does a dead on chimpanzee pant-hoot. we had way to much fun, and i get to hang with all these weird band nerds again on monday night. I gave Foxy a yo-yo, which he broke. so we used half of it as a hockey puck, and i shattered it. the other half still had the string so we used it as a hop-it. it was fuggin awesome, foxy got so dizzy he fell over and willy fell and took jamie and erin with him. i met a girl named amanda too, and it was amazing how much i had corrupted her by the end of the day. my piss poor attitude is contageous evidently. Kari was neato frito too. and of course lucas and andy. =]

*Take This Test!*

i wanna fuckin watch the parent trap. last night i went with katie and carmen to go see Kate & Leopold. god damn chick flicks. but we saw Ben, who was screaming out the window, "WE JUST SAW SOPHIA!!!" out the window like 15 times, angela, kyle, and the other ben ( who is a hard ass ) . we saw the whole damn spanish class. with the exception of the one that is too good for us all. ` rolls eyes whatever. to each his/her own. it isnt my problem. last night though, we went to Mel's Diner, and the guys were hitting on us. so we got some stickers and labeled them "hottie" and "cutie" while leaving. it was funny. we also stuck some choice stickers on some cars. i think "say no to shwag" was my favorite. we stuck it on an oldsmobile. lmao. heh. we stuck one that said "HEMP" on a brand new eddie bauer ford explorer. lmao. it was epic.
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