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Ungh. I woke up at 9:30 today with a migraine. It wasn't the worst I've ever had; in fact, it was mild by comparison to some of the others. Still, markedly unpleasant. Thankfully it was short and the house was perfectly quiet. It just sluggishly passed on but c'mon... this is not the way to start my Friday! I was supposed to be at the gym an hour ago! Maybe Sandy will still want to go. I should call her and find out.

After making a bunch of plans for this weekend I realize how much I really need to do before Monday. Like, say, interview Adam and write my profile. OR... start plotting out my lighting plan. Or... studying for my horticulture midterm. OR studying for my lighting midterm. Uh... is it spring break yet? 'Cause that would be fantastic.

Ugh. I hate cleaning... but onward I go.

NOT! Aaaaand fandom!

In discussing Lost on various and sundry posts and things, it has come to my attention that there will not be a new episode next week, nor the week after that. Me = sad panda. I swear, they can't give us more than one at a time. We can't handle the consistancy. *fist*
Whatever, I'll just sit here and scowl. Plus, Invasion is coming back, and I should really catch up on those recaps. Hee!

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