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Oh my Gawd! Pumpkin flavored whole bean coffee... I wish I could curl up inside this bag. Boca Java is my own personal savior.

I woke up at 1:30, after getting 8 hours of sleep, and I'm still not feeling rested. The cast party was last night, which I wasn't expecting. There's a corpse in my flatmate's car. Don't worry, it's a prop. His name is Herman, and after last night I can confidently say he's seen better days. However, so has our lead. Can I just say that being stone cold sober in a room of deafeningly loud freshmen males and a few horribly smashed folk, not my favorite memory? I can say that? Cool. Stated. I had fun but... the end was the end.

I really do love a couple people in this cast though. I'm gona have to make sure that contact does not dwindle.

Also kind of adorable, the fact that my mother said that I am the authority on LOST. Oh, don't I only wish. I would shake J.J. Abrams like a British nanny until some answers fall out of his pockets. Not so, alas. She really only calls to find out if there's a rerun, because she apparently can't be arsed to look at the TV guide channel. Whatev.

I've successfully got her hooked on Invasion. I win at life.

Tomorrow is the last day for the show. It's been sold out every night... and people are being turned away, which makes me kind of wish we were doing more shows but then I think... what? I want my life back.

I also want spring to get here like... now. Thx. I wanna see some of this:

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