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So fresh so clean

Mmmmm! I started off my morning with a bowl of fresh strawberries and bananas. Delicious. Nothin' beats a brekky comprised entirely of fresh fruit (and, of course, beagle). The sugars are bound to get me going aaany second now.

I'm still having problems getting to sleep. I hope it's just because I'm running all the mistakes and changes from the sound cues through my head ad infinitum, and worrying about adapting to the new changes while wondering if Laura (stage manager) even knows about said changes because yesterday she only cued me about half the time. So there's that. Then I woke up today and went, "*gasp* OH MY GOD THE SHOW OPENS TOMORROW," and promptly curled into a fetal ball. Part of my train of thought also went like this:

Why in the living [bleep] are those [bleep] [bleep] [bleep]ers hammering right the [bleep] below my [bleep]ing room at ten [bleep]ing thirty in the [bleep] [bleep] morning?!

I mentally toyed with the idea of asking Sela to come in here to fix up our apartment during spring break... but I then realized that I do not want to take apart my bed. Or pay for a week of storage. Or get that couch back in here. Or buy rugs if they decide to hard-wood it. I am way too lazy right now.

Speaking of lazy, I opted to not go to class in favor of finally starting to work on the massive D&T project that's due in a little less than two weeks. Oh, and my profile questions and sources. OH! And my service piece. Oh, AND the CommLaw midterm is coming up quicklike - and she's been very light on the reading lately, so I'll hopefully be able to catch up? Yeeesh.

In other news, I hope to God in heaven there's hot water in my shower today. Yesterday for no reason whatsoever it was cold. Bone-chillingly cold, which has never happened before. I've had it get cooler during the tail end of an extremely long shower, but I had just jumped in, got my hair wet, grabbed the shampoo when I had to fling myself against the back wall of the shower to get away from the arctic freeze. I'm surprised the showerhead didn't just spit out hail or snow. I ended up doing one of those extreme water conservation showers, where you shut off the water between each activity. I can't not shower every day. My hair is too thick and unruly, and can only be tamed when it is bogged down with 20 gallons of water. Thankfully, there's a towel rack in the shower - which never really made sense to me but now I really appreciate it, because if you hang onto it you can just baaaaarely get your head alone into the cold water, and rinse without turning your entire body blue. Aaaaanyway. Yis. Plz for to have some hot water and a two week vacation?

Also, Because homework can always wait in the face of lame online quizzery.

You Were a Snake

You have a primal energy that drives you to explore the mysteries of life.
A nearly immortal soul, you'll live a very long life.

This is actually kind of interesting, because we have some hardcore longevity in my family. Almost all the women on both sides make it to their nineties and are extremely independent and capable to the bitter end. The wars, the depression, lightning strikes and all... we're apparently like energizer batteries.

You Should Learn French

C'est super! You appreciate the finer things in life... wine, art, cheese, love affairs.
You are definitely a Parisian at heart. You just need your tongue to catch up...

Je déteste la langue française. Prefiero español. Por supuesto, creo que es posible que yo aprenderé otra idioma. Posiblemente francés o italiano. (Mi profesora de francés en mi escuela secundaria fue muy, muy molestada.) Pero, yo quisiera aprender otra idioma romantica.

Arty Kid

Whether you were a drama freak or an emo poet, you definitely were expressive and unique.

You're probably a little less weird these days - but even more talented!

What?!? There's no "band nerd" specific option?! I was a drama freak, band geek, choir kid, and I am still proud y'all.

Your Love Element Is Fire

In love, you are a true listener and totally present.
For you, love is all about feeling more alive than you've ever felt.

You attract others with your joy and passion.
Your flirting style is defined by your strong ability to communicate.

Fun and play are the cornerstones of your love life.
And while your flame may burn too brightly, it's part of your appeal.

You connect best with: Wood

Avoid: Water

You and another Fire element: will likely burn out quickly

Buuurn baby, burn! Disco infernooooooooooooo!

Your Power Color Is Gold

At Your Highest:

You are engrossed in passions that mentally stimulate you.

At Your Lowest:

You seek thrills and neglect what's important in your life.

In Love:

You see dating as adventure and approach it with an open attitude.

How You're Attractive:

You passion for life makes others passionate about you.

Your Eternal Question:

"Am I Having Fun?"

Oooo shiny! Ironically, I hate gold. Give me silver any day. I have no gold jewelry and I hope I never do because, ew.

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