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Oh the irony...

Of course, the day after I find the article about the leaps and bounds in diabetes research - my blood sugar plumets and takes me out. Go figure. I am not going to drive to school like this. I tried the standard natural sugars and proteins.... didn't help. Just amped up the protein. It's not helping as of yet, and I'm worried. I need this to stop happening. I have to board op at 6, and I need to not pass out in the booth. I need to not be dizzy so I can read the screen, see the buttons, and do my job. It definitely shouldn't have taken me an hour to write this entry.

I think I'm coming down with something, and that is not cool. Especially with the show coming up. Granted, it might just be paranoia because one of the cast members has mono, and I am absolutely terrified of getting it. That is one illness that my schedule could never handle. Still, I've never talked to the girl so there hasn't even been any direct contact but... ugh.

Faith just hand-checked my temp. Apparently I am hot in the bad way. Shit.

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