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Can things just work, please?

If one more thing breaks on that godforsaken sound board, I am going to light it on fire.

Thankfully, I am now back in the comfort of my own home. Not drunk, this time... but watching the Olympics again. Ice dancing! The theme for tonight is apparently Latin dance. I have a few questions for the dancers, though. Since when does "Latin Music" mean "I NEED TO WEAR A GOD AWFUL NEON COLOR AND MAKE THE AUDIENCE GO BLIND!" Hmm? Also, why are you letting Santino design for you? There are layers and layers and layers where layers should never be, and only sequins in areas where there should be more than just spequins. Why? There's also a lot of skin exposed while you're dancing around on ice. I'm no stranger to ice. It's cold and it hurts when you fall. What are you thinking? Get back to me.

Also...when did the stomach and abs officially become the "core?" Alas, see what Pilates has done to vocabulary...

Also also, the U.S. bobsleds look like batmobiles on ice. It's mildly hilarious.

Alright, I am done writing about the Olympics for tonight. I'll probably pass out in short order.

Guh. So. effing. tired. I dont have anything due tomorrow, but I am going to be missing a lot of class for this show and I'm a little worried. I don't think there's anything I can do about it, though. Still, it's not making me happy right now. I'm probably just cranky after today's 9 hour tech rehearsal. I want a hug, and I don't want to go to design and tech lecture tomorrow. I've had enough tech. I'm having fun working the show, and I like the people, but I'll be glad when this is done. Oy.

ETA: Oh my GOD. The U of M may have just discoved the cure for diabetes!

I just... what?! The news really just said that? What?!?! Gratuitous punctuation!!!!!1!! That is fucking amazing! Jesus. I love my school! I love smart people! Wow. I am hypoglycemic and have several diabetic relatives. This is unbelievable news. Fantastic!

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