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So where's the remote? I keep losing the remote? I don't know how, but the couch is eating the remote. Remote eating couches. Tricky. HA!

I am drunk, and laughing. A lot. Lots of laughter. Laugh laugh! I need to breathe. Oh God. HAHA! Drunk! Drunk and happy and laughing.

My fork just rejected my sausage. Woah... Faith's hair is in my sausage. That's really fucking gross. Wow, she's shedding like hair is worth money. There were 3 hairs on 6 sausages. Ick.

Very drunk. Drunk! I spent 12 hours at tech. In one hour after tech, I got drunk with Sandy and Nic. Faith was already drunk when I got home. This is good. Time well spent. Very good. My sentences are short.

There's a lot of drunk in this room. Hee! Happy drunks in a room! BUENO! I love booze, and I love you! Drunk! Drunk, and happy, and still laughing.

Where's the remote?

ETA: There is beagle in my martini! What the fuck? Where is the remote omigod?!

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