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what the crap?!?</big

what the hell happened to my kick ass mood icons? god damnit i loved those things and now they're gone and i'm back to these ones. And all they have are these shitty "Charity Cams" that are just pieces of flaming JUNK!!! @$#&)?<}&*% !!!!!!


Check it out, man! Dare you even attempt to match my rank in evilness?

You're an insane pyromaniac- complete with devoted minions and sexy shadowy armor. Yeah, you're pretty damn evil, but when people think of you, they seem to notice your insanity prior to your mad evil skills. (true enough....)

Come get your fortune read!

Created by ptocheia

lmao! wtf??? i dont even own suspenders. other than that, i can expect to be asked out to tea by a shrubbery. whatever.
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