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Right. Interviewing Tim Westergren at 8. I have finished my research, have read through most of it. Need to draw up questions. This is doable. I'm getting less freaked out every passing minute...

Anway, in lieu of OMG-I-LUV-YEW-TODAY Day, this goes out to all of you.

I am choosing to celebrate Valentines with a big fat once-every-four-years lie.

Hi. My name is Shelby. My boyfriend is an Olympic Gold Medalist.

That concludes this year's "festivities." I am going back to my bitter, calloused, cantankerous self now. Why? Because I hate Valentine's Day. I have always hated Valentine's Day and I don't think that will ever change. I loathe the mindless consumerism, detest the shallow, superficial gestures, and I think designating one specific day where everyone is obligated to tell everyone they love that they love everyone omigawd is totally bogus. PLUS, I woke up with a migraine and I as I have neither a valentine nor enough optimism to not be a bitch, I'll stay loyal to the true love of my life, snark.

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I dont know about that neurotic bit.

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