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This is what I needed.

My mother? Hopeless. Absolutely hopeless. This is never going to change. I seriously dont think she can make it through a month without making me cry at least once. Maybe for her, yelling at me for things that I can't control and had nothing to do with is the best kind of therapy.

For the record...
Did I ask for a car? No.
Did I ask them to pay the insurance? No.
Did I ask for them to buy the entire family - including myself - passports? No.
Have I ever asked them for extra money besides what I'm allotted monthly so that I can, oh say, live? No.

So did I need to get bitched at for an hour because tuition is due and my parents agreed to help me with what I can't cover? No.

Also irritating? I just found out that I have to do all my research on the founder of Pandora because I'm interviewing him, uh... to-fucking-morrow and need to have my questions drawn up. I was planning on getting my assignment that's due tomorrow done in between classes... but guess who can't do that now? Beautiful.

Oh! And tomorrow's Valentine's day, which means I'm going to want to kill the world. Hooray.

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