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Escape under the full moon...

So, y'know how awesome it is when the moon is reflecting off the snow and it's as bright as day ... but it's still night?

Well, we decided at around 10:00 that school is bogus, but driving around the country with our headlights off and still able to see everything would be way cool. So we hit the road, and on a bum hunch decided to go south. We didn't have a map, or a real place in mind, just the need to escape and cruise in the Plymouth Acclaim!

It was lovely. We traversed through Prior Lake, Savage and the south side of Shakopee.... vaguely. We're not 100% sure. There was a dirt road involved, and rolling fields covered in snow lit by moonlight. It was beautiful and hopelessly rejuvenating.

Also got gas for $1.99! Bonus!

Today has been fantastic. Got reading done, got my feature idea approved, my snowboarding boyfriend won the gold medal! Oh and Iron Chef is currently having Battle Chocolate and Coconut, which is straight out of one of my fantasies.

God likes me. ♥

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Tags: adventures and excursions, olympics, rollin' in my acclaim, squee!, teh flatmate
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