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man alive...

are people really this superficial and just lame? do they have nothing actually intelligent to talk about or is it all, omigosh this one guy was so fat. Look at her, she's showing her boobs! Oh, i'm not happy today, i must be depressed. Gawd, shallow people drive me absolutely insane.

I really dont want to go to jazz band. i wanna go home. And sleeeeeeep. or sit online and just numb out. i'm at school right now... fun fun fun!

some people are complete assholes. and some are not only assholes, but they have the added characteristic of being retarded. and some are theifs while they're at it! alright! way to go guys! man, if we did blow up the world it would be one major improvement. but seriuosly, there are three more people on my hitlist. Anyone that hurts my friends.... goin down man. GRRR!

yeah so i'm in a bad mood. i'm out for blood. so ... yeah. stay out of my way.
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